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Bread Recipe

Does anyone know a recipe for bread?#

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My Best Sandwiches

People don’t think to like the sandwich. But I do. They are good during lunchtime to eat, but sometimes they make good breakfasts, when you put in eggs, bacon and butter. The bacon is salty, which is always nice with the butter, and the egg gives it a real nice eggy flavour. Don’t get me started on the bread thoug! Its gotta be white holemeal. GOtta be!

This are my favourite types of sandwiches, starting with this one:

A cheese sandwich. Diary always works the best in a sandwich. This is a good start to make sandwiches if you don’t really eat a lot of sandwiches all that often.

A meat sandwich. There’s meat in most sandwiches. This kid is gonna reall like this one. My best is with chicekn, and it tastes real good with the cheese. The two ingredient make each one better because of the salt, and because of the diarey. Always good to have a little glass of milk with the sandwich. Yup!

A crisp sandwich. Don’t ask me – ask your best friend, dummy!

An Egg sandwich. Do I need to say anything or do you just need to go into the kitchen and make yourselA sand wedge!



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