meeatliquor Review

i went to the restaurant meatlicker in london. i live outside of london so had to tak a trane to get their. the bloody tranes are so crap aren’t they? always wating on platforms, and then the conducter gets your ticket and says “why don you get a a job you bum” for no resaon even though i was just drawing pictures of jeff bridges on the window in felt tip.

meatlcker does lots of burgers. if you kno me, then you would hav seen my burger recipy. that was catualy just a joke my friend Simp did as a josh. I put a raw onion salad in his pog bag though. so we are even. when i got to the restaurant I had to queue, which was okay. there looks like theys rubbed all their fat on the windows. simp wasn’t there but he wouldve said it was juice from a boys middle. NOT MINE THOUGH!!!!! lollolo

i got in and ordered my food and a strong cocetail. it had champagne, berry juice, sprite and fanta in it i think. it came in an empty light bulb and served to me by a hot chich. then i had a burger which had mushrooms in it and a crunchy cucumber. the cucumber was crunchy and salt. the burger was mushroomy and good. i had to put a lot of red sauce on though otherwise i would not have Liked it so much.

Then I Had Too pay so that I could leave. it came to £7.50 with a tip. i left this on top of the chair becaus ethere was a person on the same table as me who looked like a no good nansy, and i knew he wassa gona take the dougg if I left it right in his bloody eye liner.

Then i got Mack on the train to my friend’s moms house to take a spliff puff and a play some PS£3 and listen to juggalo ryder

I give meatlicker 55/87


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