ceviche review (my friend Pol chekd my spells on that)

my last review of meatlicker got OVER 20 views (wow!) so i though i shoud done another one. I was reel happy when I saw my stats and that i have made lots of friends on the twitster including j. rainer and rachel coo, my favorit lady. So that i wen out on Friday to get some good food beacaus i didnt have to work my job at the pet shop.

One of my best frends tol me about a place I shud be gonna gone too and its called the name that I thught was the actor from the tv box show comunitee. i like comunitee but its not as guood as is the big band theery. my favorit is the one with glasses and the girl sciensist who is always joshing with the clever nerds. the place i should go is actully called serveechay and its a sushi house from africa in london.

I walked ther from my house cos its not very far but i was reel hungry when i got ther after two and one half hours of walking. so instead if I was you i would take the bus there. The music was good and loud and sounded like it was made by bub marlee, mixed with the drummer from down my cousins street. I asked for a table and the lady was nice and made me sit down at the bar. I had a drink of water and an drink called a peesco sower. it is real nice and has got sugar in it and some vodka and a little glug something like of a panda pop but prolly not from a panda pop cos they are clever ther. they put on some bubbl mix on the top becaos they new that I do that when I drink anythin because cuppachino is my favorit drink.

next i had sushi called serveechay which was moslty fish guts and apple juise. it had a tasty cruncy bit, but it was a nice fish mess which i ate and then asked for more. I had a diffirent one and which was msotly fish guts with apple joos also but it was different but i don know how. it was prolly a diferent fish but i only know salmon and clipper fish and the one from findin neemo which i know isnt reel.

i was still hungry after 2 plates but needede to go home to catch a new episode of big bang theory where the chinese nerd has to stop the girl scientissts from eating everyones margarin. I wanted to pay but they tol me it was over £300 for my food even tho i wasnt even full. so I said to the pritty bar lady that she dropped her modelling card and then ran away at over 100 m p h an hour even though she was prolly touched and wanted my fone number.

i got home the next day and plaid pogs with my frend Pol and listened to my second fav band boombox troppers.


i give cervich 10000/10000000000 (i lik the food but i didn like them wanting al my monee so i give a high score but also a low 1)


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