Meeat Market

when i was yung an I culdnt realy do that many push ups (i cud still done alot thoug) my favurit food was sand. Now i think burgrs ar my favurit food an my secund fav food is maybe a ice creeam or a egg. one of my bes burgers that I eat befor was from them meat fellas who done it at Meat Licker. I was real egxcited when i heear on Twitster that they was gonna open a new meat licker also in london so the first tim I got some free time me an my frend Grot Fishlip went to Co-vent garden. Ther actually isnt a garden ther, ther mostly just fellas pretendin to be status which sumtims i do wen my uncle is in the shower an I pretend to be 1 statu so tha he cant see me and then i say “BOO YUO UGLY OLD FELLA” an he falls over an tries not to cry.

the meat fellas new plac is calld the Meat balcony an its in the bes markt in london cos it sells los of cool things like lava lamps and cool t shirts and yuo can also get yuor name writin on a bit of bred. I went to Meat Balcony an I din even hav to que becus I think the meat fellas knew that i was Yugnich. Prolly becos I was wearin my cool lether jeans an wrap aroun sunglasses even tho it was rainin.

Then I fuond a seat whic was quite big an very uncomfortbl an I laughed cos I was prolly just to muscly for the chair. Me an Grot played pogs for abuot 1 hour (i won evry single game even tho he had a super pogatron an i was playin skyrim at the same time on blutooth with my P S VitA) but noone come to ask me wanted to eeat so i went to the counter wher ther was a pritty chik (thers only pretty chix that work ther which wud hav been gud but Grot was ther an he usully scares peopl cos he smell lik a fish cuboard). I said “IAM YUGNICH AN I WAN 1 BURGER AN SOME CHIPS AN SOM OTHER THINGS PLEASE!”. i had to get my own food but it was nice an the burger was full of juic an fell on the floor a lot an on my middle an fell apart into a bred meat mush that i had to eat with my fork.

i also had som lil sausage rolls an 1 chilli wich wasn very spicy (OBVIUSLY! cos i cud eat a gun an it wuldn even be spicy) an was mostly mad of old milk. Grot had a hot dog wich was like somthing Adram Frishman from Manveefood wud like. Wen he went to the toilet i ate it all an it was like a big mac but it had some smoky cardboard on it i think.

cos i knew he wud be mad i ran away bef4 he came back an bouoght 3 cool shirts with tie diE so i cul look like these guys:

then i put it on an listened to SKRILLLLEXXXXX YESSS!

i give meat balcony (them fellas says it called meat market (WTF!)) 13/24

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One thought on “Meeat Market

  1. fkusna says:

    Meat Balcony has filth grease smelling. It like flea market carnival. I go there for look, but poverty stench drive Dasha away.

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