10 Greeck Street

I alwas lik to try new food jus like wen i went to the africa sushi plac serveechay so i was pritty excited wen i heard abot a plac doin greeck food. I nevr tried it befor but i thught i shold gone cos soon they gonna chop the country off of eu-rope an make it an ireland cos they cant put money in for when the U-N goes to burger king but they prolly always ask for the biggest meeal like a wopper or sumthin.

i prolly wuldnt go ther if it an ireland cos im not very gud at swimin (i think cos im a bit to muscly an i sink a lot) an I spend most of my time runnin an jumpin over thins so im not I don even care! i think blade trinity cant swim that much eithr (also cos hes muscly lik me even tho he got bettr tribal tatoos than me) so i don mind that much.

The Greeck place is called 10 Greeck Street an it a lil bathroom that sum fellas took over and said “hey maybe we shuld done cook our greeck food here even tho is just a lil bathroom” so they did it an now its quit popular but i din hav to que or wait or anythin. los of peopl say that yuo hav to que even if yu were spenser from Mad in Chelsee an good with chix even tho 1 of yur eyes is always look at a differnt thing to yur other eye.

Them greeck fellas were reeal nise an put me in 1 corner but they culdnt remember abuot a menu so they had to done writ it on the wall but not like graff lik my second favurit artist BANKSEY which wudve been a lot bettr actually. I aksed for one burger but they sed is not greeck food so instead i sed “BRIGN ME WATEVER YOU WAN DAWSONS GREECK!” an every one in the whol restraunt laughd an so i did ten press ups for evryone.

they gav me som lil fish snails in a pot noodle watr i think an had a lil bit of salamey with it but i had to suck the fish nibbls out them shells an hide the shels cos I din wan to eat them (i tried one an it was lik eatin a bit of glass made of a trout an my mouth started bleedin a LOT). then the fella askd me if i wantd to hav some bred to mop up my pot noodl an i sed yes, so he went to a bred cupord wher they keep ther bred cos they don hav a lot of money an bruoght me som.

then i had a sheep pile which was nise an had some green things with it and then i had a chocolat cake which was nice but they by mistak put los of salt on it insted of sugar so it tasted like wen i did that with my cornflakes at my grandads girlfrends house an had to throw it in the drain wen she wasn lookin.

then i payed an it wasnt to2 much money so i sed “IVE GOT OVER 100 £ on MY OYESTER CARD” but i stil had to giv them cash money.

i wen home an listned to dubstep an watch the itunes visualiser for a few hours. easy.

i give 10 greeck street 37/49

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