Sum of my other drawins

i done spend los of time drawin thins over tha last littl while but i normly only put them on my twitster cos i din have anythin to writ abuot them but then i thought “wat abuot them fellas that reead my blog but don go on twitster cos they cant rele work the ninternet gud or ar banned cos they shoutd bad stuff at fellas lik james corden cos hes fat an looks like his bes frend is a bit of a shoo he fuond in a skip sumwhere”

so i put them up here. if yuo reeally wan a pichusre for yuorself then email me at an mayb i can done yuo one.


this is wen i went workin out with my frend don jonsun an huck fogan. i was obviusly doin the best (huck was mostly punchin anyone who cam near me cos he din want anyone to brake my flow). but don jonsun did rele badly an started cryin an then locked himslf in th shower but then i gav him a chupa chups an he came out an i sed “don worry don yuo not gud at liftin but yuo gud at other thins like playin skyrim an buyin the best sunglas” but i din mean it cos im better at both thos thins.


this was marina olaflins birthday an also wen the elecshion in London was. they all had a gud party but marina had to wear a mask cos she used to be in the rushian mob i think an now they wan to find her an put her in rushian jail (wich i think is in leeds) but insted she goes roun an writes abuot things lik food. she quite good at it but she not allowd to writ abuot thins like T V cos she dusn know anythin like she dusn evn lik new girl with my secon favurit girl Zooby Duchanel.


this is wen jerry claskun stol my frend rozies bike. hes a bludy silly fella hey? he wanted to ride it reeal fast for hammers but wen he got on it an think he fell over cos he only got hoovs an a reeally flappy cheeks.


this is the label i desinged for the ribcage guys new hot sauch “HOLY WOW MUTHA GOD OW SAUSE”. he gonna use it on evry single bottle he maks an give a hundred bux for evry singl bottl he sells wish is gud cos i spent all my mony on tech decks an a bong that looks like a gun SICCCCCKKKKK!


this is just a lil sketch i don of what free runnin id do if i was at this place. id prolly do it in abuot under a second. easy

this was my frend foodboys birthday party. hes not very muscly or gud at karaty so i thuoght id make him done feel bettr by drawin a pichsure of him kickin that sucker shrek an even blade trinity (is not reeal. he cudn really done it).  he also kickd over big ben cos it was also that fellas bithday. i don think he cud done it, but i mayb cud if i trained for a lil while. vin deeesel is sayin gud job cos he onc wrot a film wher i was the main charactr an i kickd over most of london with blad trinity an then we wen to the skatepark an giv each other tribal tatoos. vin was gunna direct it but them fellas wudnt give him any mony cos the sed “when eveyone sees this films they all gonna want to kick ovr london cos they gonna think its SOOO COOOL but we don want peopl to kick over lundon.” Vin was mad but he happy here cos its his vision (only with foodboy insted of YuGNICH tho)


this is shoo i made also for food boy. its not real


this was anuther for foodboy (he likes my pichsure a LOT). is a trap i desined for a sucker who isnt very gud an prolly dosn know how to use the intrnet or a computr very gud. wen he logs onLINe an mybe does summin stupid (like opening INTERNT EXPLORER LOFL (or mayb goin on or then los of spidrs come out an STONE COLD giv him the fingar an he prolly starts cryin cos he cant punch spidrs gud lik i can. i don it like A MILIONTY TIMES! easy


this is a pichusr of rocky 4 wen he was swimin the othr day. hes eeatin sum chips cos he loves chips an also a lobstr roll from BURGER AND LOBSTERROLL the plac wher i havnt gone yet but i prolly will one day. he eats los cos he din win rocky. hes a sucker but i din wan it to be a bad drawing so i put in sum billiun dollar bills and a cool muscly guy on a skateboard (he looks a lil lik me but a lil bit better but i bettr at skatboardin definitly) an also that bong that looks lik a gun that im gunna get soon.

ill don more soon i promise fellas.



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