pits cube truk an wen i went to the HACKNEE Weekend

on the weeken my frend calld me an sed he got sum tickxt to a bigtim consert goin on in lundon in a plac called hacnee an los of peeopl were gunna play gud music lik david gweta an jigga man an sum other fellas i din know. I was rele hoping one of my fav peeople Skrillex was gonna play but I think he has sum othr thins to do like lock a pig in a bin or sumthing.

hacknees a gud place becos a lot of peeopl think thats is full of no good nansys who dont like placs lik sports direct or currys an usully try an punch them to death for not havin all the rite trainers an thins. but hacknee actully a ok place wher los of peopl liv and they make gud things like bars in empty toilets an cinemas in ditches an thins. its also gud cos ther always a plac to put yuor ipod an mac an stuf an peeopl ware gud stuff lik lether and hats made of stix an dirt.

i had to get the trane into lundon to gone to hacknee but i cudnt eat an go to a bigtim restant lik i wanted to cos i din hav su much time so i went down to the rivr where ther were sum reeally bad free runners (bludy losers din even let me do 1 backflip even tho i told them i was Yugnich an abuot my crew an abuot the time i got the TOP SCORE AT FIFA 2006 even tho i nevr played it befor). thers also sum skatboardin fellas ther but they didn look very cool cos none of them were wearin sunglases or even bandanas an i think i saw a pigrat so i din stick aruond ther. them ribs fellas pits cube decided that they din hav that much moneey cos ther restrant is only abuot 3 meters big an cant get so many people in espeshially muscly guys like me so they bettr find a way to make sum more (its a dubble bubble receshion rememer?). so wat they did is buy a lil caravan an put a coupl holes in it an then thy can serv there ribs out of it and park it on the riverplace.

so i went an said “can i hav sum ribs please” but they din even hav any!! so i punch a tree over an said wat hav yuo got? an sum fella who thinks he was in americas next model said sumthin but i wasn listenin becaus ther was sum silly hous music on loud that was lik mark right from TOWEYs pool party so i was doin sum brakedancin insted. then i gave him sum money an he gav me a big box which had a donut roll with sum salty piggy strips init an also sum cucumbrs an a bit of a veggey burger in it. i tried to bite it but it was too big so insted sum of it went in my mouth but most of it fell on the floor an the veggey burger exploded but it only had sumin like messy mash potato in it anyway so i kiked it into the sun an then ran away to hacknee.

then i lisened to sum COOOOOOL reenana dubstep stuff an bodypopped.


i give pitscube truck 6/12 cos i din tast it i droppt most of it on the floor.


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