hod dog recip

giles coren eating

yum hodt dogs are reeal gud thins that evry1 liks now cos they tast nice lik a bit of a burnin bit of chees an sum scruncy meat bits. i lik them ones tha yuo get in a can but my mum says i can hav then cos when evr i mak them she com in an says “YUGNICH DID YUO COOK HOD DOGS AGEN?” an i say “no! leeave me alon im neearly finishd skyrim for abuot the thuosandths time!” then she says “then why is the kitchen coverd in blood an why is yuor hand got the lid of can in it an why is the microwav filld with smok an its on fire an stuff?!” an then i say i dunno, it was prolly a no gud nansy or sumthin!” then she tak me home from the hospital an i hav to sleep for a buoght fuor days befor i can walk proply an not fall ovr. hod dogs are big time yum. my frend grils cozen lik them too. i don a pictur.

heres my recip:



yuo gonna need 20 cruncy sweet cucumbers.



sum bred.



some suasage like this fella got. his one look lik a silly face lOLOL!!


muzztard. yum if its hot an spicy an gud for nosbleeds.

how to done it:

put it all in a blendr an push one. after abuot 10 or 15 minuts put it on stop. empty it into a bowl an them put it in the microwav for 10 or 15 seconds.

if that works then mayb yuo can eeat it. i dunno if yuo cud reealy tho cos i nevr mad a hodtdog before. how do yuo mak 1? can yuo email me at yugnich@hotmail.co.uk? thask.

i give this recip nothin out of a million. (LOL!)


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