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Nigrella Lumpson done a cook show

the bigtime chef lady nigrella is 1 populr food woman cos los of fellas lik to watsh her cos she alwas says thins lik “yum im goin to eat sum food that i cookd an prolly imagine tha its my dirty parts!” an then she dos sumthin lik blend a looaf of breead an mix it wit 40 tubs of philadefia an feed it to her family off her feet or sumthin. ladys also lik her tho cos she say thins like “sumtims i eat a whol tub of margareen for breekfast an then drink 14 frijj milshakes an then i go to the shops an all the fellas look at me an go ‘look its tha hozzer lady nigrella i wish tha my wife or my girlfrend or my sister of my cousin was as pritty as her is'” an thats gud cos peeopl wan to kno tha they can still find peeopl to go on dates with them even tho they eeat al the bad thins tha jamey olimber says lil fellas at school cant hav.

las night she did a new show on TV abuot cookin food tha comes from italy an from germany i thik. the firs thin she did was mak a reealy big strip of ham tha she servd with sum chips tha she jus left in a plat of oil for a lil whil. i tried to don it as wel but it din work so wel cos it was reeal cold an slimy an i culdn pick up the chips cos they ran away. also the hamm wasn very gud cos it was lik a cruncy crisp made of a ham bit an it cut my muoth an ther was a LOT of blod.

i thik she did a egg sanwich next but i can rememer cos i wasn watchin cos my mum came home an was shuotin “YUGNICH GO WASH YUORSELF YUO ARE BLEEDIN AL OVER MY COUCH. I TOLD YUO NOT TO WEEAR ROLLERSCATES IN THE HOUS. WHY IS THER A POT OF APPL JUIS AN POTATOS IN THE KITCHEN!!”

then nigrella mad my favurit recipe ever. it is a minc disk an its 1 tha i inventd looooooooong ago an obvulst nigrella got tol it from sum1 an then she sed tha she wan to make it. she didn say it was mine on the show but i thik she prolly will on the nex episod or sumthin. its a eeasy recip cos all yuo hav to do is tak sum mince. squash it so it looks lik 1 big pog. cover it with chees. an then put it in the microwav for as long as a episod of the big bang theery. it tasts yum. nigrella made it an then fed it to sum lil fellas who wer silly an got it coverd all over ther muoths (LOLOL goofs!).

then i thik the show was finishd cos i can rememer wat the rest of it was. nigrella is 1 gud lady but the show wasn so gud cos she didn talk abuot her dirty parts i don thik so prolly al the fellas won lik it as much. i thik it cud prolly mayb us mor exploisn or sumthin. i hop that she will mak a nics chees porridge next tim cos tha is my favurit food from italy an germanyt,
i give nigrella lumpson the cook show 41.5/88.33 (thos ar fractions)

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