clud brozi got angrey

tha other day a big mess happend on the internet between gudtim chefs an bigtim bloggers. it was quite bad cos los of peeopl were reeal upset lik the tim tha i wantd to wash wrestlmania but insted i went to meet my frend hoyt guffrod an we went an crank calld Mr Jonson an sed thins lik “yuo a smelly spazzer” an “yuo guffbox” an “i bet yuo never been at the front of the bus” an “do YUO EVEN KNO WAT SKYRIM IS?” an othr clevr zingers. it was reeeal funny an me an hoyt laufghed a lot but then Mr Jonsons mum came ovr an sed that we shuold get away from the window an tha its not nice too shuot at disabled peeopl an how wud i feel if peeopl wer laufghin at me but i wasn reeally listenin cos i was tryin to get my rollerblad unstuck out of her rose bush an grass an fence an car window.

the sam thin happned to the bigtim chef fella clud brozi cos he invited 1 of his bes frens Jims Fishwood to com eeat sum scraps at his restrant HisBiscuits. they had a good josh aruond an i think they were goofin eeach othr an then the fella Jims went home an wrot on the internet tha he din lik the pancake. Clud then got reeal angry an called Jims a NoGooDNANcy an other stuff an then los of other big tim chefs lik tum carriag an scrat brains an Broggers got excited cos i thik they wer jeealous of Jims cos he was bes frens with Clud an they wanted to be bes frens with him. so then they joind in an sed thins lik “im gona guff his face in” an “DOWN with BLoggers” an “lets throw crocs at him” but actshually Clud was very sad cos he los his bes frend. i don thik los of peeopl lik him anymor but i don thik he cares cos now he deead insid cos his fren Jims is gon away. here sum pics i drew of wat happened.

this is clud brozi wen he angry cos he reead the blog by Jims FIshwood. he got a gun an a knif, but he just tryin to be scary he isn actuly goin to do nothin.

this wat he actualy feel lik cos he lost 1 of his bes frens.

this is wen he now deead inside an him an all his bigtim chef frens formed “tha chef expendables” cos they don lik bloggrs anymore an they gonna fight them good an proper lik the reeal expendables excep only on the internet. an they will prolly say sorry aftrwards cos they din reealy meean it. but they gonna be big TUOGH GUYS anyway.

i give clud brozi -10/100 for bein a no gud nansy with no frens.

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