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foods for to have of the WORLD cup

every 7 years ther a competison called the WORLD cup wher all the countrys in the world (except for wales) get togethr and play a coupl of games of footers to show every1 how good and happy with every1 they are. it normally a big party at my house for it an more than 3 people come round becos i always do somethin speacial lik buy more than 1 bag of plain nuts an crack open a new bottl of milk. i think this year for the BIG FINAL i wil be havin a party in the biggest NCP car park i can think of (in warrwik) an any1 who comes will get a free breead bin an also be able to watch the special featurs from the DVD of couples retreeat 2. my frieend chudney will also bring his radio so tha he can listen to the BIG FOOTBAL an let every1 kno who won. if anyone wants, they can also put a wash on. last time we dun this it was reeal excitin. espesially wen andy murray won it an shot his gun into the air becos he was so happy.

i been thinkin tha maybe other peeopl wud lik to have big parties to, but then i thought “what if othr peopl don kno about other foods of the world like i do.” so her ar som things that you can read and then pretend that you already knew it.

foods for to have from other cuontries:



brazil is the smmallest country in the world, but they have more than a million of footbal players an some of them are very gud. ther best player is Nimir, who used to be a ultimatte frisbee player. then he decided he was bored of it an sum fella made him play footbal instead. in brazil the most popular food is rice pudding. heres my recipe:

brazil rice pudding

1 x rice trough

boil some rice until it is rice pudding.



1 of the best footbal players ever came from argentina an his name was mudadona. he was as big as a tree and didnt hardly ever smell of eggs. today the best player they have is called mussy. he is a BIGTIME food guy, and his favurit thin to do when its not kickin footbals into the goal is to make a big stew. his favurit stew? easy: salt stew. next tim tha mussy is doin a big goal, why don yuo make this?

salt stew

1 x salt bucket

1 x some water

1 x as much flour as your can fit in yuor pocket

1 x as much hummus as you can fit in yuor pocket (lots)

put the salt and the wter in a pot an boil it up for a few hours.




this yeear england peopl don lik  uruguay becos of that they are usin too much of the internet and slowing the england teams web times down. mr wayne ronty (who our best player is) said that he cudnt even get onto askjeeves. And he was needed to get on to askjeeves cos he had to search abuot how the best way to get a goal is in the footbal. the player swariz is from uruguay and he is always ONLINE. the biggest chatroom in uruguay is called “chatattack” an sumtimes ther are more than 40 people in it at any 1 time. the best food from uruguay is called boiled ham. here is my recipe:

boiled ham

1 x ham

microwav it until it is lukewarm (make sure it isnt got LOADS of mould on it)



holland is a country tha used to be a island until japan decided to build a bridge to it. now it is not a island now and is prolly the most famous country in the world for sushi which is old fish tha is VERY smelly but not completly rancid. the big player on the holland football team is a fella called Rubbens. he is extra good because he eats the most sushi of anyone in the team and also because he has got the spikyest hair in all of the WORLD cup. here is my recipe for a egg sandwich

egg sandwich

1 x egg

3 x bread

boil the egg. put it in the bread (no shells)




germany is very well known for the quality of ther milk. shwiggles is a goal guy from germany an he HATES milk.


1 x milk


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tronkutso an my best eggs


I normally tell a lil story or summin wen I done a new blog revew cos obvs peeople prolly more inrested in wat sort of goofs an joshes I been doin lik changin all the letters around on the pet shop sign so that it says GUFF ON STEPS wich is obvs reealy funny (except Jase who my boss always get mad an says “Yugnich you don even WORK here anymor! Go away an stop changin the sign! I gonna call the polic next time!!!! also tel your mum tha I need to pick up my neon camo cargo shorts from her bedroom” but I normly don tel her anythin anyway cos she don like Jase cos he not my dad and cos she say he stupid cos the name NO GUFFS PETS is not a good name for a pet shop anyway.)

But this tim I not gonna tell a story cos of 2 thins. 1 is – I kno wat a tronkutso is now. The othr is I had the best egg I ever had!!!!

tronkutso is the nam of a restrant in london but I also sum food they serv ther wich is lik a pig cereeal cos it cos sum ham milk wich is milky like milk an tastes piggy lik ham. But the tronkutso also had a egg in it. wen I scoffed it down (obvs I did tha first) I was the mos hapy I evr been (apart from wen I finished skyrim for abuot the millonth tim an stone cold steve austin called me up an said “hey yugnich well don on finishin skyrim AGAIN we all reeal impressed an I wish I cud be a bit mor like yuo” an then he gav the phon to jasun stathum an he said “i wish I was as muscly an good at freerunnin as yuo” an I lauged cos obvs it was true but I was still happy)

 the egg was nic an eggy an it was a bit salt an it was yellow in the middl (lik sum yellow crocs) an a bit grey on the outsid (lik grey crocs. Or my nan) an it was good an I ate an thuoght “wow they mus hav sum good fella microwavin these eggs cos they are nice”. So I said to the lady who was servin me to brin me mor eggs an I scoffd lots of them down but then she said tha I cant hav anymor cos ther were too many peeopl waitin to come sit with me. I thik this cos I look lik a bit famus person wit my wrapruond sunglases and leeather shin straps an camo/tribal tatoos an also cos I was rap battlin myself (it was a draw) whil scoffin down them eggs.

The restrant ok but I don thik they not got los o money cos ther no reeal roof an most of the thins in ther I thik they got from bins. It wud prolly be a bit bettr if ther was mor lights an mayb if they paintd it all green or red or sumthin an put up sum posters an didn mak you eeat from old bits of sum ladys floors instead of on sum tables.

then i had to gone home cos i remembered i left my cereeal in the oven an it prolly burned most of my mums kitschen agan. on the trane home i thuoght abuot my best eggs. these ar my othre best eggs:

mcdronalsd mcegg

it in a bun. it tast pretty good. it dont cost so much dosh. an also if i wait outside the 1 near the tracadero in the mornin ther always sum lil loser who i can steeal one from. easy.


boild egg.


yugnich kid egg

creeam egg

39 mins in the microwav. bak in the freezer for a few days then scoff it down in 1 sandwich. nice

baby choc

all othr eggs.

i give tronkutso 76/88 an the egg 4/3.

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10 Greeck Street

I alwas lik to try new food jus like wen i went to the africa sushi plac serveechay so i was pritty excited wen i heard abot a plac doin greeck food. I nevr tried it befor but i thught i shold gone cos soon they gonna chop the country off of eu-rope an make it an ireland cos they cant put money in for when the U-N goes to burger king but they prolly always ask for the biggest meeal like a wopper or sumthin.

i prolly wuldnt go ther if it an ireland cos im not very gud at swimin (i think cos im a bit to muscly an i sink a lot) an I spend most of my time runnin an jumpin over thins so im not I don even care! i think blade trinity cant swim that much eithr (also cos hes muscly lik me even tho he got bettr tribal tatoos than me) so i don mind that much.

The Greeck place is called 10 Greeck Street an it a lil bathroom that sum fellas took over and said “hey maybe we shuld done cook our greeck food here even tho is just a lil bathroom” so they did it an now its quit popular but i din hav to que or wait or anythin. los of peopl say that yuo hav to que even if yu were spenser from Mad in Chelsee an good with chix even tho 1 of yur eyes is always look at a differnt thing to yur other eye.

Them greeck fellas were reeal nise an put me in 1 corner but they culdnt remember abuot a menu so they had to done writ it on the wall but not like graff lik my second favurit artist BANKSEY which wudve been a lot bettr actually. I aksed for one burger but they sed is not greeck food so instead i sed “BRIGN ME WATEVER YOU WAN DAWSONS GREECK!” an every one in the whol restraunt laughd an so i did ten press ups for evryone.

they gav me som lil fish snails in a pot noodle watr i think an had a lil bit of salamey with it but i had to suck the fish nibbls out them shells an hide the shels cos I din wan to eat them (i tried one an it was lik eatin a bit of glass made of a trout an my mouth started bleedin a LOT). then the fella askd me if i wantd to hav some bred to mop up my pot noodl an i sed yes, so he went to a bred cupord wher they keep ther bred cos they don hav a lot of money an bruoght me som.

then i had a sheep pile which was nise an had some green things with it and then i had a chocolat cake which was nice but they by mistak put los of salt on it insted of sugar so it tasted like wen i did that with my cornflakes at my grandads girlfrends house an had to throw it in the drain wen she wasn lookin.

then i payed an it wasnt to2 much money so i sed “IVE GOT OVER 100 £ on MY OYESTER CARD” but i stil had to giv them cash money.

i wen home an listned to dubstep an watch the itunes visualiser for a few hours. easy.

i give 10 greeck street 37/49

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